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The inventory of your company is critical for the safety of your personnel and for the smooth operation of your business.

With Inventar, you always have a clear view of the current status of your inventory, who is responsible for it, and on which projects the materials are currently allocated.

Manage your inventory through an online portal. The entire inventory is easily accessible and searchable.
Use standard or custom-designed checklists for the inspection of PPEs, or upload third-party certificates.
Track and trace materials by mobilizing or demobilizing them, and record the complete history for each item.

As an operational company, you aim to maximize the utilization of your equipment. This involves numerous material movements, including mobilizations, demobilizations, and inspections. With the use of our RFID scanners and tags, you can significantly reduce handling time and administrative burdens.

Every material movement can be recorded. This allows for the creation of a unique history for each item. All this information is consolidated to provide insight into the progression of your inventory. Work more safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively with unparalleled insights into your inventory.

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Many operational companies have preceded you

Enhance the readiness and efficiency of your inventory. Numerous operational businesses have gone before you and have significantly increased the ROI of their materials.


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