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Your knowledge, expertise, and services are crucial for your clients and the safety of their employees.

We can assist you in not only enhancing the flow of information to your clients but also expanding your cross-selling and upselling opportunities in the process: a true one-stop shop for safety-critical materials!

Manage your inventory through a single online portal. Advanced management features with exceptional ease of use.
Provide all your customers with immediate access to their own inventory and certificates via your dedicated client portal.
Utilize standard or custom-designed checklists for the inspection of PPEs, or upload third-party certificates.

Optimizing Customer Service with Certificates, Online Portal, and Seamless Data Sync

Assist your customers immediately by providing them with certificates, relevant manuals, an online portal, and top-notch service.

You can offer your customers complete peace of mind by synchronizing their data directly with their own Inventar account. Leverage our expanding network to deliver the best experience to your clients.

Post-Sale: Strengthen Customer Relationships through Equipment Management and Support

Your relationship with your customer doesn’t end after the sale of items. Assisting your customers in the proper use and management of their equipment can be a crucial factor in setting your business apart.

We assist you in providing support to your customers and enhancing cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Consider features such as the customer portal and automated reminders about expiring items.

You can get started for free in under a minute!


Many distributors have preceded you

Optimize your inventory, relieve your customers, and enhance your customer satisfaction.

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