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As an inspector, you apply your expertise to all the materials you assess. We are here to assist you by significantly reducing administrative burdens, allowing you more time for the actual inspection tasks.

Your clients rely on your judgment. Provide them with complete peace of mind by offering your inspection reports, manuals, and technical documentation through your own portal.

Manage your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) through our online portal. The entire inventory is easily accessible and searchable.
Use standard or custom-designed checklists for inspecting PPE, or upload third-party certificates.
Provide all your customers with direct access to their own inventory and certificates via your dedicated client portal.

Reduce Administrative Burden by Up to 90%

Maintaining accurate administration is crucial for your business. However, we understand that administrative tasks might not be the most engaging. With our platform, you can significantly reduce your administrative workload by up to 90%.

Utilizing scanning techniques like RFID, you can carry out future inspection rounds with your clients much more efficiently. This not only benefits you but also provides value to your clients. Contact us today, and we’d be happy to share our success stories with you.

Automate Inspection Registration and Certificate Issuance

Every item you inspect must be individually registered, along with the inspection details. With our smart solutions, you can focus on the inspection process, completing the administration within a few seconds – building a unique history for each item.

Each inspection results in a distinct certificate for the item. You can personalize this certificate with your own logo and share it with your client. Additionally, you can provide your client access to all their data through your dedicated customer portal.

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