Manage and tag your inventory with ease, with (RFID) manuals out of the box!
Inspect items with a full history and documentation at the ready.
Generate and share certificates and keep a watchful eye with automated reminders.

Your smart inventory

Maintaining your inventory can often be a time-consuming task. We assist businesses in safety-conscious industries with the management of their (PPE) inventory.

With Inventar, you can efficiently inspect, certify, mobilize, and track your entire inventory. Register for free now and get started in just a few minutes!

Inventory for Operational Businesses

The inventory of your company is crucial for the safety of your staff and for your business operations. With Inventar, you always have visibility into the current status of your inventory, who’s responsible, and on which projects the materials are currently assigned.


Inventory for Distributors

Your knowledge, expertise, and services are crucial for your clients and the safety of their employees. We can assist you in not only enhancing the flow of information to your clients but also in expanding your cross-selling and upselling opportunities in the process: a genuine one-stop shop for safety-critical materials!


Inventory for Inspectors

As an inspector, you apply your expertise to every item you assess. We are committed to significantly reducing administrative burdens, allowing you more time to focus on the core tasks. Your clients rely on your judgment. Provide them with comprehensive service by offering your inspection reports, manuals, and technical documentation through your own company portal.


Optimizing Offshore, Working at Height, Industrial Applications, and Government Projects.

Our software provides reliable solutions for various sectors. From offshore operations and elevated work activities to enhancing industrial processes and streamlining government services, we have the tools to elevate your organization to the next level.

Syndustry Equipment is now Inventar!
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Answers to the most common questions you may have.

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Nico Kuiper

At Inventar, you only pay for what you use. The monthly fee is solely based on the size of your inventory. This means you can add and manage an unlimited number of users and organizations.

The service can be canceled on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the chosen contract duration.

Although we recommend RFID for scanning, our software is compatible with any common scanning method. Our software seamlessly integrates with barcode, QR-code, NFC (HF), and RFID (UHF). Simply assign the scan code to the item, and it can be immediately scanned using our app.

Certainly, our system also functions as a portal where invited guests can view their specific section of the inventory, including history and certificates.

We regularly synchronize inventory between parties. However, we do require the consent of the current data owner. Typically, for distributors, this isn’t an issue. Please ask your distributor to share the data, and you won’t have to input anything manually anymore!

U krijgt bij ons een volledig eigen omgeving. Uw data is alleen voor u inzichtelijk, en wij zorgen voor dagelijkse backups en deze worden versleuteld op verschillende geografische locaties opgeslagen. Voor enterprise werken wij ook met escrow contracten voor 100% dekking en continuïteitsgarantie.

You will have a completely private environment with us. Your data is solely accessible to you. We ensure daily backups, which are encrypted and stored across various geographical locations. For enterprise clients, we also offer escrow agreements to guarantee 100% coverage and continuity.

We’re eager to help you get started with your own Inventar account.