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Features and Benefits

Smart features to optimize your inventory.

Free up to 100 items
Advanced management
RFID/NFC scanning

Manage your PPEs through an online portal. Your entire inventory becomes easily accessible and searchable.

Utilize standard or custom-designed templates for the inspection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or upload third-party certificates.

Track and trace your equipment by mobilizing or demobilizing it.

Synchronize product data & newly purchased materials from linked distributors, eliminating the need for manual entry!

The lifecycle of your PPE is always traceable, and you will be alerted when a certificate is nearing expiration.

RFID, NFC, barcode, and QR code integrations are seamless. Plug and play for immediate use.

Each account has access to:

Advanced inventory management
Inspections of your own inventory or that of clients
Automatic, customizable email reports and reminders
Manage employees and assign inventory
Mobile application
Read-only portal for customers